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48mm X 92m (100yards) Coffee Tapes

£ 7.36
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These acrylic brown tapes are simple to use and very efficient. Select your perfect tape from our wide range of collection. Load onto desired accessory or use tape without accessory. Place tape in desired area that requires sealing. Cut or break tape when desired amount is dispensed. Your items are now secure. Your package is now ready to be shipped out to the buyer!


  • Our coffee tape is made from a super sticky acrylic adhesive.
  • Lightweight & affordable.
  • 110% elongation.
  • Our coffee tape is perfect for securing boxes, parcels, and many other shipping items.
  • Most tapes come in 66m length whereas we offer you 92m.
  • The super sticky adhesive offers you extra security for your packages.
  • We have made this tape quick stick to improve your efficiency.
  • Better-quality cohesion and adhesion to increase safety.
  • 50 microns thick ensuring the product won’t tear apart easily when applying.
  • Our coffee brown tape gives a tidy professional appearance to your packages.
  • Compatible with most tape accessories such as tape gun, carton sealer, table dispensers that support 3-inch paper core.
Material Composition: Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene
Recommended Storage Temperature13-21°C (55.4°F – 69.8°F) for optimum performance.
Package information6 Rolls / 36 Rolls - 1 Box 
Thickness50 Microns
Per Unit Weight250 Grams
Roll Dimensions48mm X 92m


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