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Multi-Track Bench Tape Dispenser

£ 16.99
Availability : In Stock

These tape guns are simple to use and very efficient. Load desired tape onto dispenser. Prepare tape by pulling to the end of the blade. Pull tape until desired length is reached. Pull down with slight force to tear tape with attached blade. Your items are now secure. Your package is now ready to be shipped out to the buyer!


  • Sleek looking, heavy duty desktop dispenser.
  • Essential packaging accessory for all carton sealing and general packaging applications.
  • Comfortable easy tear feature.
  • Increases efficiency by reducing packaging time.
  • Fully adjustable tape tension break.
  • Sharp double sided serrated blade.
  • Designed for use with most self-adhesive tapes
  • Safety protection and quick-load tape access.
  • Will fit 2 X 24mm tapes or 1 X 48mm tape. 
Material Composition: Plastic with metal blade.
Recommended Storage TemperatureN/A


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