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Honeycomb Wrapbox

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The Honeycomb Wrapbox is the eco-friendly and cost effective alternative for plastic bubble wrap cushioning. This cushioning wrapping material is created on demand, saving valuable space and time in the process. The kraft paper expands in a honeycomb structure. In combination with soft white paper it gives both superior protection and perfect presentation to your wrapped items Honeycomb paper wrapping,easy to stretch, more soft and flexible,provide cushion protect without surface scratch.


Naturally biodegradable, compostable. Made from sustainable forests.
The dispenser is also made from cardboard and recyclable.


  • High quality die-cut kraft paper combined with a tissue interleaf - a strong and shock-absorbent material with superb cushioning and protective characteristics, surpassing traditional wrapping solutions.
  • Innovative honeycomb paper eliminates tape and cutting. It reduces transportation, handling and storage costs, thanks to smaller pre-pack dimensions.
  • A sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable alternative to traditional bubble. With this packing material made from kraft paper, you can tightly wrap odd-sized and over-sized items.
  • The portable self-dispensed box saves space on the packaging station and allows you to stretch the honeycomb packing paper to the desired density.
  • The PaperEZ wrap cushioning kraft paper provides exceptional protection and prevents damage for a wide range of goods. It is used in many industries, such as e-commerce, express logistics, printing supplies industry, ceramics, electronic products, sporting goods, etc.

Honeycomb Paper

(Outer Layer)

Soft White Paper

(Inner Layer)

Gram Weight80g20g
Width After Stretching550mm300mm
Length After Stretching135m135m
Box Weight6kg 


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